#24 | September 26, 2017

Weston Slaton: Lights, Camera, Action! Passion for all things Drama

Meet Weston Slaton, if you have not already. This guy is a talented actor, he’s funny, and he reminds me of my favorite childhood TV star “Ricky Schroder.” (That is a huge compliment, Weston. I promise!). Working for Northpoint Ministries, Weston plays the character “Gordo” in the monthly KidStuf show. He also acts in local musical groups such as the Metropolitan Atlanta Theater.

Needless to say, we had a BLAST doing this interview! We laughed (of course) and chatted about:

  • His “2017 Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Award for Major Supporting Actor”
  • The characters he plays
  • How he chooses to grow himself as a leader in the community
  • If his life was made into a movie, who would he cast as himself?
  • Pointers for pursuing a passion in drama
  • “Channeling” characters in everyday life
  • Pinterest Fan – He likes doing DIY projects with his dad.

Oh, and yes, there is a dance move (The Weston Shuffle) named after him. Don’t worry, we have the video to prove it -a video in which April attempts to learn the move herself, but ends up looking more like C3PO getting an electrical shock.

Advice from Weston: “Go to the line where confidence meets fear, and take one step beyond.”

Find Weston Here!




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