#15 | June 20, 2017

Conrad Abraham & Brandon Thompson on traits of a good father

Leadership is something we are passionate about here on the Tea of Life Podcast, and today we want to honor our favorite leaders. These two are the leaders of our homes,  the leaders behind and the biggest fans of our podcast, the fathers of our children, and our sweet husbands. Meet Brandon and Conrad. (Queue applause). Since this episode falls around the Father’s Day weekend, we thought it would be fun to highlight the “men behind Tea of Life Podcast.”

Brandon is the “ears” of TOL — the audio guy. The quality of what you hear gets credited to him. He hooks us up with awesome mics and recording software in addition to lending his talents for editing and producing.

Conrad is the “eyes” of TOL– the visual guy. His creativity is behind the website design and logos while also sharing his knowledge of content strategy and marketing.

On this episode, we ask questions about:

  • Traits of being a good father
  • How important is having a good Father/Child relationship and how do you work to maintain that relationship?
  • What legacy building trait do you want to leave behind?
  • What is one of your most memorable moments of being a dad?
  • What is one thing that you feel that you could do to make yourself a better dad
  • #dadfail stories
  • Advice for first-time dads

Learn More about:

All Pro Dads

As always, we hope you are encouraged by our time together and also had a good laugh fo two at our expense! We’d love to hear some of your own answers to the questions we ask.


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