For this episode, we did kind of a play on the “Turning 21 rites of passage” milestone and what this represents for us here at Tea of Life. From taking our first baby steps in podcasting to cutting teeth on some interviews, we find ourselves at the still youthful (episode) age of 21! Although it’s safe to say we have some knowledge under our belt, we are very excited about learning and growing into “adulthood”!

You’ll find:

  • A little bit of trivia about what other countries do for this milestone. You can use this around the breakfast table or at cocktail parties… You pick.
  • Examples of what it means to turn 21 in America.
  • Review of the Tim Elmore quote in the article “Turning 21 in America”“Because rights without responsibility are rarely redemptive. In fact, much of the time, rights minus responsibilities simply create selfish brats. Privileges without price tags don’t really help us grow up.” 
  • Episode Review takeaways
  • And away we grow! (some chit chat about what we are doing/focusing on now that help us grow).

Shout outs to support our friends!: free advertising for them. We do not receive kickbacks on these 🙂

We wrap up this episode talking a little about what our future looks like with Tea of Life. We are very passionate about sharing and encouraging other’s passions, and we want to share your passion. If you have a passion that you’d like to talk about, let us know. We’d love to have you on the podcast. If you are not local, we can Skype in our conversation. Write in and tell us about yourself and how you’re currently cultivating your passions.

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