#26 | October 9, 2017

Mary Miller, Honey + Olive Lettering: When your passion turns into a business

Today we chat with Mary Miller. She’s a young entrepreneur who turned her hobby and passion for lettering into a “hand lettering and calligraphy business focused in the wedding industry, events, and custom digital pieces.” Mary’s story is one of hope and determination towards pursuing your passion. After a sledding accident in college left her paralyzed and having to re-learn all activities of daily living– even lettering– she never gave up hope. Her positive attitude and bubbly personality are inspiring.

Another super cool side note about Mary is that she is a lefty.  She’s been featured in marthastewart.com, in an article on tips for Lefties and lettering!!

We chat nerdy stuff like:

  • Favorite Pens (Tombow)
  • Our love for all things planners!
  • Nib holders & other writing specialty tools
  • Facts about lefties

And we give shout-outs to:

Current collaboration project: Galatians coloring book fundraiser

Catch her Facebook demonstration here!To Learn More about Mary’s business, find her here!

To Learn More about Mary’s business, check out honeyandolivelettering.comFacebook, and Instagram


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