#5 | April 7, 2017

Conversation with a S.A.N.E.

Today we interview April’s friend Jamie. Jamie shares with us life, love, and what she does. Due to the nature of the topic we discuss, today’s episode has sensitive content. The Month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Jamie is a S.A.N.E. –Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. She helps people (not just women) who have been sexually assaulted. Jamie shares with us how she came in to this field of nursing and why she feels compelled to bring awareness to this very important topic. She enjoys educating not only nursing students, but also the community around us.

To be a S.A.N.E, one needs at least 2 years of nursing experience. For more information on becoming a S.A.N.E. check out this website: ForensicNurses.org

Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault is great resource on how to find crisis centers in Georgia and gather more information on training to the community.

The mission of Darkness into Light  is to end Child Sexual Abuse. For information on advocacy, training, and more, I urge you to please check out their website.

Get Informed. Spread the word.

Let’s talk LifeHacking:

Jamie shared her “go to” tool… her crockpot. Sites she frequents for recipes: