#48 | May 22, 2018

How to make the most of your Summer Break

How to make the most of your summer:

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1. Be a tourist in your own town:

  •  Check out museums you’ve always wanted to get to during the school year but have not had time

3. Spend your money on experiences; not things

3. Maximize your pool (or local area of water) time:

4. Learn something new/ Take a Class:

Cake Baking
Jewelry Making

And more!

5. Buy a camera, make videos of your family, and start a YouTube Channel

6.  Volunteer:

A local animal shelter
A local hospital
A local farm

7. Plan a trip:

  • Visit our friend’s website for help planning your vacation: Larissa Boland
  • Visit family

8. Plant a garden

9. Read books:

10. Start a new fitness routine: (Get healthy – focus on health)

11. Teach your kids a new life skill or two

12. Prep for meals for when school starts back

  • Freezer Meals

13. Work on a renovation project:

  • Take some time to declutter
  • Paint a room
  • Redecorate

14. Take some time for yourself

  • Quiet-time/meditation
  • Nightly baths
  • Daily walks

15. Learn to be spontaneous

  • Walk barefoot in the grass

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