#16 | June 26, 2017

Sue Becker: Healthy Living Simplified: 7 Easy Steps – Part 1

For this episode, we were excited to be on site at The Bread Becker’s Store in Woodstock, GA chatting with Tiffany’s dear friend, Sue Becker. Blessed to spend a good bit of time with Sue, we gleaned truths about wheat and gluten and heard her story of how God called her and her husband to be a “modern-day Joseph.”

Bread Beckers believes “one simple thing can change your life: real food.” They are all about “giving people their lives back; bringing hope and encouragement” through sharing the tools to healthy eating. They are real people with real stories of how milling their own wheat and making their own bread and eating real food has helped change their health and others.

Although located in Woodstock, GA, they have co-ops all over the Eastern United States with a ministry in Haiti as well as Local Missions Support. At the Bread Beckers store, they hold classes such as Cooking Under Pressure, Dehydration, Healthy Eating Simplified, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Holiday baking, etc. Can’t make it to a class? No worries! Watch a class online HERE!

Stop by in person and online. While you’re at it,  subscribe here for their newsletter or check out upcoming classes here.

Interested in learning more about why it’s important to use freshly ground flours for Biblical, nutritional, and health reasons? Receive your FREE CD “The Bread of Idleness.”

Discussion Points:

  • The start of Milling. (One birthday gift started it all!) Sue talks about why/how she and her husband started milling their own flour.
  • The ease of eating healthy
  • Health benefits of milling
  • Steps to being healthy
  • Jesus compares himself to bread

Other Points of Interest:

Best kept secret in Woodstock! Go visit them! You can also find them online on Facebook!

Upcoming events:
Jams & Jellies Class- July 19th from 10am-1pm


Exodus 23:25 “I will bless your bread, and I will bless your water, and I will take sickness from the midst of you.”

2 thoughts on “Sue Becker: Healthy Living Simplified: 7 Easy Steps – Part 1

  1. Thank you for sharing this wise information. Since listening to this, I have decided to start milling my own flour and making my own breads for my family. Enjoying it very much! Thankful to have people like you out there who can be the connection to resources that help us be better stewards with what our Heavenly Father has given us!

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