#17 | July 4, 2017

Sue Becker: Healthy Living Simplified: 7 Easy Steps – Part 2

This episode wraps up our conversation with friend Sue Becker, of The Bread Becker’s Inc. We review and finish up with her 7 easy steps to Healthy Living Simplified:

  1. Bread:There are 44 nutrients needed by our bodies to sustain life and promote health. There are only 4 missing in wheat: vitamin A (carrots), vitamin C (fruits and vegetables), vitamin D (sun exposure [less sunscreen!!!], Lysine (beans and nuts)
  1. Water: (According to MedicalDaily.com, 75% of Americans suffer from simple dehydration. Symptoms of Dehydration: Fatigue, headache, brain fog, and joint pain

Exodus 23:25 “I will bless your bread, and I will bless your water, and I will take sickness from the midst of you.”

  1. Fermented Foods
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Get rid of the junk- 
  4. Exercise
  5. Rest

Note: They now have a “Live Chat” feature on the website! I tested it out AND the next day when I went in to the store to pick up something, I actually witnessed Karen (Sue’s sister-in-law) responding to Live Chats. (Very cool, team Bread Becker!)


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