#39 | March 15, 2018

Cultivating your Passions with Boundaries

Today we look at 7 quick Boundaries that will change your life today- an article Tiffany wrote a while back. Here’s a snapshot:

“In my opinion, healthy boundaries produce freedom and are something that everyone needs to practice on a regular basis, but before setting boundaries, you must first learn and decide for yourself what you want your boundaries to look like. What you have experienced in your past, where you find yourself in your present, and your hopes and dreams for your future will determine what boundaries you need to set in place for yourself… Upon setting only a few of these boundaries, I saw immediate changes in myself and in those around me, and I felt more in control of my life.”

Call to Action: Schedule some time for your self! Can you do that? Will you do that?? And then continue the conversation on our Facebook page with 3 ways that you are making time for your self this week! We’d love to hear about your time 😉

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