#37 | February 28, 2018

Alexandra Kuykendall on Loving her Actual Life

Meet Alexandra Kuykendall! She is a wife and mom of 4, an author, (see books listed below),  blogger, and Podcaster. She was also on staff with MOPS International for nearly ten years and is a trusted voice in mothering circles. Not only was she kind enough to join us today and share her author’s insight into her book Loving My Actual life: Relishing what’s right in front of you; she also gave us a little preview of her upcoming 4th book which is due out early 2019!

We chat about

  • Love Languages (her’s is acts of service. April’s is Words of Affirmation. Tiffany’s is Time and Touch. Just FYI.)
  • Why we overcommit
  • Her Passion to share the Gospel
  • The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast she co-hosts with her friend Krista Gilbert

She encourages us to focus on what can we control. “Do what only you can do” and ask ourselves “What can I manage so that I can love my actual life.”

Other Books by Alexandra:

Find out more about Alexandra

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