Passion for Lettering turns into a Business — Mary Miller of Honey + Olive Lettering

Today we chat with Mary Miller. She’s a young entrepreneur who turned her hobby and passion for lettering into a “hand lettering and calligraphy business focused in the wedding industry, events, and custom digital pieces.” Mary’s story is one of hope and determination towards pursuing your passion. After a sledding accident in college left her […]


Today’s episode is more of a topical discussion on Narcissism; personality traits of the disorder as well as references found in the character of Emily Gilmore from the TV show Gilmore Girls. I think we just wanted an excuse to binge-watch the show for research. 😉  Disclaimer: we are NOT psychologists nor any other type of doctor […]

Weston Slaton – Lights, Camera, Action! Passion for all things Drama

Meet Weston Slaton, if you have not already. This guy is a talented actor, he’s funny, and he reminds me of my favorite childhood TV star “Ricky Schroder.” (That is a huge compliment, Weston. I promise!). Working for Northpoint Ministries, Weston plays the character “Gordo” in the monthly KidStuf show. He also acts in local musical […]

John Mays: Centricity Music

John Mays is the A&R representative for Centricity Music in Franklin, TN. For those who don’t know, A&R stands for Artists and Repertoire. This is the division of a record label that is responsible for scouting talent and overseeing artistic development – “who they record and what they record.” With over 35 years experience in serving […]

Traits of a Good Father

Leadership is something we are passionate about here on the Tea of Life Podcast, and today we want to honor our favorite leaders. These two are the leaders of our homes,  the leaders behind and the biggest fans of our podcast, the fathers of our children, and our sweet husbands. Meet Brandon and Conrad. (Queue […]

Troy & Casie Haight: Restoring Hope & Rescuing Kids in Africa – Part 2

This week concludes our conversation with missionaries Troy & Casie Haight (Part 2/2). Listen in as we hear the rest of Baby GN’s story and the role his life has already played in saving the Spirit Children. Casie shares more about their ministry and the next step on their journey. One Step In Faith is a non-profit organization “which establishes local […]

Conversation with Tiffany from Don’t Waste the Crumbs

Tiffany, the founder of, tells us how simply sharing her ideas on her blog turned into something more than she could have ever imagined. What started out as something small has now become one of her biggest passions and her full-time business – helping others save money on groceries. She also shares her newest […]


Do you believe that we can only have one passion and that we are born with our passions already planted in us, or is it something that we cultivate over time? What do you do if you don’t know what your passion is? In this episode we share, not only what we are passionate about, […]

Conversation with a S.A.N.E.

Today we interview April’s friend Jamie. Jamie shares with us life, love, and what she does. Due to the nature of the topic we discuss, today’s episode has sensitive content. The Month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Jamie is a S.A.N.E. –Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. She helps people (not just women) who […]

The Start of Homeschooling

Join us today as we talk to Tiffany about her start of homeschooling and the journey she has taken during the past 10 years of homeschooling her two boys.

Tiffany’s Story

Get to know the people in the podcast. This week, April interviews Tiffany. Tiffany is an official Georgia Peach with a lot of passion and spunk.

April’s Story

This week is all about April. A Northerner by birth, moving to the South was just one small destination on her journey.  


Bravery builds bravery. Small Bravery bites are easier to chew than one big chunk.