What’s in your planner?

Every. Single. Day. I’ve been checking to see if the Panda Planner Weekly is back in stock. Even though the company mentioned the 20th as the date they would have more. But I feel compelled to check. Every single day.

I went ahead and printed off a few weeks from the PDF version. But I am ready to start “stickering” and coloring and stamping and whatever else I want to enter into the planner. For this is the year I schedule things like:

  • mani-pedi’s
  • writing time
  • Girl’s Nights Out
  • Podcast planning
  • ME Time

And not just schedule those blocks of heaven. I am going to MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

My morning routine is worship music and journaling. I’ve already noticed how my journaling has changed. I’m drawing and adding color and getting in touch with my creative self. I’m listening to my soul. I’m enjoying my time and myself 🙂

Take Joy, my heart. I am blessed. Many great and wonderful things have I been given. The treasures unfold daily. Praise be to the one who has given me all and continues to give more.