Passion for Children’s Ministry- April’s thoughts

I know honestly I struggle with my own children feeling connected to church. Our children’s pastor is great and she really has a heart for these kids to grasp the Love of Jesus and to understand that they can play a part in the Kingdom now, today, at the age they are. And that they can hear God. They can pray for each other. It’s important for them to make their faith their own at this age. How do we encourage that?

Ultimately as a parent, I am responsible for teaching my children how to listen for the still, small voice of God (with God’s help, of course!) I get to model how to read His word and apply it; how to serve others and pray for them.

Kids need to engage in their own journey with Jesus and grasp faith at their own level. As parents/guardians, we teach them how to talk with Jesus and Listen to Jesus.  And they need to be invested in. By parents and other leaders alike. It takes a village to train up a child. It’s easier to build relationship early then try to backtrack when they are older.

Kids need to understand faith and it’s impact on them. Teach them what to do when life is disappointing. When it’s frustrating. When it’s fun. Show them how to deal with anger. At God. At others. Teach them Jesus is real and really cares.